Free Stories, WOOoo!

Who doesn’t love free shit, amiright? Free food. Free booze. Free ice cream. Free reach-arounds. Who would turn down any of those? Especially from that guy on the corner. You know the one. The one with the dirty trenchcoat and the greasy mustache.

Anywho. As I try to get some semblance of a publishing career off the ground, it might behoove me to throw up a few free stories to show off my skills to whoever might need to know that I possess such skills. Thus, free stories. Take a gander. Feel free to offer some constructive criticism. Constructive criticism. Don’t just say “that sucked swamp-ass,” and then peace the fuck out. You don’t have to worry about sparing my feelings, but also don’t be an asshole.

All right, I’ll shut up now.

Enjoy the totally free stories.


Jerome And Shackleton’s Scotch

The Byron Hotel